AquaMorph Productions

Episode 1: “What is a brickfilm?” covers definition, history, and rise of brickfilming. The Complete Guide to Brickfilming is a tutorial series that will cover everything you need to know on how to create a brickfilm. After completing the series you will know everything necessary to create a good brickfilm.

An AquaMorph Production:

Starring and Produced by Christian Colglazier

Directed and Editing by Carl Colglazier

~~~~Brickfilms shown~~~~

The Magic Portal:
Created by Lindsay Fleay

Country Buildin’:
Writer – Roger Cameron
Design – David Pagano
Animation – David Pagano and Jeff Wallenhorst
Vocals – Roger Cameron and Scott Decoteau

LEGO Red Brick Saga #2 – Harry Potter:
Design and Animation: Mick Bouschor, Erin Natal, David Pagano, Jeff Wallenhorst, Sarah Wickliffe
Storyboards: Greg Hyland
Sound: Tapeworks Inc.

The End of the World:
Created by thefourmonkeys

R I S E:
Created by Zach Macias

“Metal Vs. Muscle” Lego Avengers Parody:
Created by filmyguy

LEGO Gears of War – Deathmatch:
Created by Zach Macias

Megaphone – Parry Gripp:
Created by Zoot101

Jive Owl – Episode 1: “Some Kinda Wonderful”:
Created by Spastik Chuwawa

Sherlock Holmes And The Mystery Of The Murder:
Created by Spastik Chuwawa